Welcome. I’m lucky to live in one of the world’s great food cities, Hong Kong, where I write about our incredibly rich and diverse culinary culture. I also write about global restaurants, hotels, luxury travel and more for platforms including CNN.com, BBC Travel, Cathay Pacific's Discovery magazine and many more.


Raging Bull, Manila: Raising the steaks

  09/16    Philippines

Raging Bull in Manila serves up some of the best steaks in a very long time in surroundings straight from the set of Mad Men – even if De Niro is the inspiration.


Black Gold: My feature on Caviar for Billionaire Magazine

  09/16    Hong Kong

Salt-cured fish eggs of the Acipenseridae family maybe wouldn’t rate as the highest end of culinary produce if it wasn’t for a more enticing name taken from the Persian word Khāg-āvar, as well as a number of famous fans. The renowned bon vivant James Bond, in 1965’s Thunderball, ordered Veuve Clicquot Rosé and US$400 worth …


Serge et Le Phoque, Hong Kong: Seal of approval

  09/16    Hong Kong     Michelin Star

Although I’m three years late to the party, Serge et Le Phoque still shows the perfect of marriage of France and Japan in a seriously accomplished dinner. So it’s a massive shame they’re closing next year.


Galvin La Chapelle, London: Twins

  09/16    United Kingdom     Michelin Star

Galvin La Chapelle sings hymns of praise to classic French dishes albeit with clear English influences, courtesy of Michelin-starred brothers Jeff and Chris.