06/17    United Kingdom

London is a sensational city, a place to eat, drink and be merry like few others. Here are some of the very best reasons why it has kept diners happy for centuries in my piece for CNN.com. And IS can get to feck if they think they’ll change it.

Welcome. I’m lucky to live in one of the world’s great food cities, Hong Kong, where I write about our incredibly rich and diverse culinary culture. I also write about global restaurants, hotels, luxury travel and more for platforms including CNN.com, BBC Travel, Cathay Pacific's Discovery magazine and many more.

Catalunya, Hong Kong: Ferran’s back

  05/17    Hong Kong

Catalunya have a new chef in the form of Ferran Tadeo, following in footsteps of his famous namesake…and doing him proud


Haku, Hong Kong: Amusing the bouche

  05/17    Hong Kong

Haku is a brilliant opening in Ocean Terminal from Agustin Balbi, refined and beautiful contemporary Japanese with global influences

Moi Moi, Hong Kong: Lucky Luke

  05/17    Hong Kong

Moi Moi in Central comes from Luke Nguyen, an affable Vietnamese-Aussie chef whose face will doubtless be familiar