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Yakumi, Manila: Get Lucky

  05.08.15    Philippines

Yakumi Review date: June 16, 2015

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Yakumi is the signature Japanese restaurant at Manila’s Solaire, an enormous five star hotel, entertainment and gaming complex overlooking Manila Bay. In a venue where money is clearly no object, exec chef Norimasa Kosaka has some serious produce to play with, handling it with the care and attention you’d expect from a veteran safe pair of hands. The room is swish with its huge central open kitchen and teppan plates, chefs buzzing around them.

Who doesn’t love edamame? The bubble wrap of the food world, t’s the interaction as much as the taste. More menus should feature food you can pop yourself:

Yakumi ManilaAnother classic standby of eggplant with miso, that umami delivery system like few others. Talking of umami, if you’re interested in the renaissance of MSG – and why some chefs are now actively embracing it – this is a good read:

Yakumi ManilaAgadashi tofu comes under bonito and thin strips of nori. Bonito in its dried, solid form is a spectacularly unappetizing and ugly block of fish, like an additional weapon in Japanese Cluedo.

Hanabi Hong KongWhen deftly flaked with a sort of boxed Mandolin called a katsuobushi kezuriki, it becomes those woody shavings we know and love:

Yakumi ManilaThe sushi and sashimi platter was a great selection of top quality fish:

Yakumi ManilaThe kitchen is again firing on all cylinders with the wok-fried wagyu, the Maillard Reaction in full swing on both the meat and those slightly caramelized onions. Sarap, as they say in the land of 7,107 islands:

Yakumi ManilaMixed vegetable rice arrived and was quickly dispatched, swiftly followed by tempura. To finish, Yakumi heads from Japan towards the west for deftly-plated cheesecakes.

Yakumi ManilaOverall Yakumi effortlessly adds itself to a number of good Japanese restaurants in Manila, so if you’re after well-executed classics using top drawer ingredients, it’s well worth the punt.

1 Asean Avenue, Entertainment City, Paranaque City,
Manila – Tel: +63 2 888 8888 http://solaireresort.com/dine/yakumi/