Isle Cafe, Singapore: A tale of two menus


A two night hop in hazy Singapore means grabbing a late quick lunch on arrival. Scanning the (admittedly very nice) hotel’s room service menu and 6 satay sticks are $24 Singapore dollars – or HK$160. For a starter.

Neither my conscience nor wallet can allow it, so I vow to find somewhere within 5 minutes walk. Step forward, Isle Cafe. It won’t be winning any design awards any time soon, while the Michelin inspectors probably don’t have it too high on their list to visit:

Isle Cafe SingaporeHowever the photo of their laksa is enticing, as is an array of dishes from their incredibly good value lunch menu.

Isle Cafe SingaporeUnfortunately the laksa had gone – a good sign – but instead there was an excellent beef curry, some fried prawns, great greens and curry sauce for good measure spooned over a mound of rice.
Isle Cafe SingaporeThe small joint was heaving – at an astonishingly fair SGD$3.80 (HK$20 / US$2.60 ) for my entire plate, I can well see why. Big, bold, flavours, a pan-Asian spread of dishes to choose from. The perfect quick stop – and the perfect foil for the six satays which work out more expensive each than lunch

Isle Cafe, 19 Tanglin Rd, Singapore 247909
Tel:+ 65 6235 5664  No website.