Hooters, Hong Kong: The White House with wings

  11.02.17    Hong Kong

It was probably inevitable that the world´s most famous breastaurant chain would end up opening in Hong Kong. What was surprising was that they chose to do so on Wyndham Street, in the heart of generally upscale dining and drinking.

The folks at Aqua Group, owners of Tivo restaurant next door, won props for their smart and swift guerilla marketing in the form of a banner:


Inside brings American sports on huge TVs, bored looking staff and orange everywhere – in many ways, not unlike the current White House administration.

There isn´t much to trouble the Asia´s 50 Best Restaurants list in Hooters, but nonetheless I tried one of their signature dishes, buffalo wings with blue cheese sauce, alongside a cleansing pint of Kronenbourg. The truth is that they were an excellent version of the upstate New York favourite. Hot and crispy and spicy, polluting your fingers and napkins, before the calming balm of industrial blue cheese sauce. What´s not to love?


Well lots, obviously, given the way that most of the staff in the restaurant were being spoken to, even at three in the afternoon. Corporate office may call it harmless fun in a ´family´restaurant, but it legitimises objectifying women in the most Neanderthal way. And for that alone, if not their wings, you can´t help but leave with a pretty bad taste in the mouth.