Ho Hak Shandong, Hong Kong: The perfect dumpling pitstop


Even if Sheung Wan occasionally feels it is disappearing under a wave of new coffee bars and rotisserie chicken joints, there are still plenty of old school places to eat. Up there amongst them is Ho Hak Shandong, a dumpling specialist hidden away on Burd Street.

The small room is heaving on a Saturday lunchtime.  After lunch there, I can see why. I can’t remember seeing fish dumplings on a menu before but they’re a big favourite here, not that you could tell from the photo. Deceptively light and thin skin encase generous flaky fish with herbs and some sort of greens. Dunked in their home made chilli sauce with a splash of vinegar. Oh yes. In fact Shandong (the region) was responsible for introducing brewing vinegar to Chinese tables. Their beef and celery dumpling is a big winner too.

Shandong Hong Kong

Fried onion cake (Another Shandong regional favourite, where onions play a big role) is a brilliant heart attack on a plate with its great mix of textures, hot and crunchy, just as you know you want it.


Shandong Hong Kong

The three of us hungry lunchers – following a cracking historical walking tour of Central by Adrian from Hong Kong explorer – also hit up a very passable beef with fried noodles and pungent leeks:

Shandong Hong Kong

While it is impossible and probably illegal not to order mapo dofu if it’s on the menu:

Shandong Hong Kong

There’s a whole world of Shandong or ‘Lu’ cuisine to discover. At just over $300 for three hungry people for lunch – including additional dishes that I was too busy eating to photograph – I’ll be back sooner rather than later.


Ho Hak Shandong  好客山東 – 17 Burd Street, Sheung Wan
+852 2562 0185