Fergus Henderson to cook at Blue Butcher in Hong Kong


Although I’ve never posted press releases on here, I’m going to make an exception for Fergus Henderson’s visit to the Blue Butcher.

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In trying to explain why the great man is so universally-respected and loved, it’s easier for me to let Anthony Bourdain take over:

“He is a walking Buddha to chefs all over the world, a total rock star. He opened the doors for people to start questioning the conventional wisdom of the restaurant business, built up over hundreds of years. He absolutely changed the world, and now everyone wants to cook like Fergus.” Anthony Bourdain

Even Gordon Ramsay said he’d want his last meal on earth to be at St John, Henderson’s legendary Farringdon Restaurant. The most famous proponent of nose-to-tail eating is cooking in Hong Kong for two nights in May and seats may already have gone, but if you get a chance of a reservation, grab it and hold on.

I’m stupidly excited to be talking to the great man when he’s in town and will post the piece mid-May. Details below:

Fergus outside St Johns restaurant, Sophie Mitchell

The return of Michelin-starred Celebrity Chef Fergus Henderson

Blue Butcher has invited nose-to-tail cooking legend and Michelin-starred Chef Fergus Henderson to return to its kitchen exclusively on 18 and 19th May 2015.

During his visit, he will deliver culinary stories and experiences, while cooking some of the World’s finest meats in the manner that has made him the pioneering Chef he is

Chef Fergus Henderson pioneered Nose-to-tail Cooking. Nose-to-tail sets fourth a notion that every part of the animal should be used and eaten, so that nothing is wasted. Blue Butcher shares the same philosophy and we believe that too often, some of the greatest culinary experiences are regularly overlooked as wastage.

In 1995,Fergus opened the world famous award winning restaurant, St. John. Many leading Chefs coined St. John’s as the place they would eat their last meal on Earth, including the likes of Gordon Ramsey and Anthony Bourdain. Bourdain has called Chef Fergus “the most influential Chef in the World”. He praised Fergus for his cooking philosophy and Nose-to-tail beliefs, which makes use of the whole animal while adding a unique characteristic on each dish.

Chef Fergus and Blue Butcher’s Culinary Team will cook a selection of wholesome goodness with top-notch farm-to-table ingredients on May 18th and 19th, 2015.

Fergus’s love of meat inspired the same cooking philosophy at Blue Butcher. He focuses on honest ingredients and Blue Butcher believes in farm-to-table cooking; both give the ingredient focus. Blue Butcher is ecstatic to welcome Chef Fergus and share a night of culinary excellence with like-minded foodies. Don’t miss your chance for this very limited and special engagement.

The first seating will start at 6: 30pm-8:30pm and the second seating will start at 9pm onwards. Experience the creation from the culinary expert, Fergus Henderson this

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