La Maison Libanaise Hong Kong

La Maison Libanaise, Hong Kong: Beirut calling

  02/16    Hong Kong

La Maison Libanaise is the latest addition to the dozen restaurants run by Black Sheep, in this instance taking inspiration from a 1960’s Beirut house and serving traditional Lebanese dishes on three floors by the escalator.

Awtar Hong Kong

Awtar, Hong Kong: Levant calling

  02/16    Hong Kong

Awtar opened up back in November on Staunton Street, promising cuisine from the Mediterranean. It’s a big area to cover but, judging by the menu, the Lebanese coast and North African Levant seem to be the source of most of the dishes. The two owners are Lebanese and Indian and the decor reflects this, with …

Bahce Mui Wo

Bahce, Hong Kong: The Wall Bar, Via Agra

  07/15    Hong Kong

After almost a year of reviews, the first from Lantau. Mui Wo, to be precise, half an hour from the Central piers. Here to revisit Bahce, a cheap and cheerful Turkish joint first experienced after a hike – well, hikette –  over the hill from DB. It can be dangerous to review somewhere following strenuous …