Athinaikon, Athens: Olden and golden

  11/15    Greece

In a first ever visit to Greece, Athens enchanted. Walking round the Plaka was already extraordinary even before catching glimpses of the illuminated Acropolis. And the food. Wow, the food. The first night,  tavernas screaming ‘moussaka and Greek salad’ were about as tempting as an Angela Merkel fashion line. Instead, after much walking, I stumbled upon …


Unnamed taverna, Cyprus: The number 16 from Kourion

  10/15    Cyprus

The number 16 changes course on its way back from the 4,000 year old ruins at Kourion, outside the Cypriot port of Limassol. It heads down towards the coast in the other direction, leaving you in its dusty wake on the other side of the road, wondering how long til the next one and where to …