Moi Moi, Hong Kong: Lucky Luke

  05/17    Hong Kong

Moi Moi in Central comes from Luke Nguyen, an affable Vietnamese-Aussie chef whose face will doubtless be familiar

Cé La Vi, Hong Kong: That’s Life

  11/15    Hong Kong

Cé la vi is a grammar purist’s horror-show, abridging ‘C’est la vie’ into three handy two-letter words and adding a random accent. The venue was originally going to be another abbreviated incarnation, ku de ta, a Hong Kong version of the spot that has rightly become one of Bali’s most enticing beach bars with its laid back tunes, great …

Tri, Hong Kong: An Indonesian Sunday

  09/15    Hong Kong

Tri review date: September 6, 2015 60 second review so no score For a country of 250 million people over 17,000 islands, it’s dangerous to generalise about Indonesian food. One thing is clear, though: It’s a cuisine that is criminally underrated by global diners. Who can blame us? Indonesian restaurants hardly line the streets, while beyond …

Viet Kitchen Hong Kong

Viêt Kitchen, Hong Kong: Pho Pete’s sake

  05/15    Hong Kong

Now sadly closed Viêt Kitchen review date: May 13, 2015 60 second review, so no score It’s safe to say that Anthony Bourdain knows his food. His favourite restaurant anywhere is St John in London, run by his great friend, the chef’s chef, Fergus Henderson. I was lucky to interview Henderson this week and will review …