commissary HONG KONG

Commissary, Hong Kong: 24k Magic

  12/16    Hong Kong

Commissary mashes up the Deep South with Southern California and a bit of Mexico to good effect in Pacific Place


Elephant Grounds, Hong Kong: Walking the walk

  08/16    Hong Kong

Elephant Grounds is a welcome addition to Fashion Walk with friendly service and decent food at very fair prices. It also means you don’t have to go anywhere near Minh and Kok.


Tivo, Kennedy Town: Sir Edward’s finest

  05/16    Hong Kong

In the footsteps of Sir Edward, the inventive dishes at Tivo in K-Ville make me wonder why I’d not headed out this way for lunch before.

Hawaiian White Tuna

Continental, Hong Kong: Snap Happy

  05/16    Hong Kong

The Continental in Hong Kong is now under the command of chef Joey Sergentakis who delivers some sensational dishes at a memorable dinner. Even my photos looked happy to be there.

The Flying Pig Hong Kong

The Flying Pig, Hong Kong: Bacon Airways

  03/16    Hong Kong

The Flying Pig shows that the city’s insatiable appetite for pork shows no sign of abating, with this excellent and laid-back Sai Ying Pun joint celebrating it in every form imaginable.

“FISH & CHIP” …                                                   poached turbot | crispy potato | deep fried tartare sauce1

Saam, Hong Kong: School daze


Saam sits halfway up Graham Street, a steep incline that seems a perfect barometer for the Hong Kong restaurant industry. Some places have quickly come and gone, some have remained and become old favourites, while others can’t seem to be able to make their mind up. It’s a slightly odd name but Saam is the Afrikaans …