Plate Culture, Hong Kong: Havana to Tai Tam

  12/17    Hong Kong

A night of impeccable, genuine flavours and great fun in Tai Tam reveals how a little corner of Havana can be successfully transplanted a very long way.

commissary HONG KONG

Commissary, Hong Kong: 24k Magic

  12/16    Hong Kong

Commissary mashes up the Deep South with Southern California and a bit of Mexico to good effect in Pacific Place


Buenos Aires Polo Club, Hong Kong: Saddle up

  07/16    Hong Kong

Buenos Aires Polo Club shows Black Sheep firing on all cylinders with a steakhouse to rival – and maybe even beat – any in town. Just come hungry – and ensure you order both the provoleta and the squid.

Café 33 y mucho mas, Hong Kong: The Colombians of Causeway Bay

  10/15    Hong Kong

      Gabriel García Márquez, Carlos Valderrama and Gloria Pritchett. An unlikely trio, but three of Colombia’s most famous sons and daughters. The country much maligned in the 1980’s for all the wrong reasons is back with a vengeance and suffering a global cultural Renaissance, one which has even made it to Hong Kong …

El Mercado, Hong Kong: Splendid serendipity

  10/15    Hong Kong

Serendipity was my favourite bar in Tokyo, originally a recommendation from Tyler Brulé back when Monocle was readable. It was tiny and intimate and subterranean and an absolute bastard to find. It also closed its doors for good in February this year. I thought of it while at El Mercado in Wan Chai as serendipity …

Now closed: Americanos, Hong Kong: Identity crisis

  05/15    Hong Kong

Americanos review date: May 15, 2015 60 seconds review, so no score Americanos in Sheung Wan has been on my list to visit for a few months now. The area has exploded with restaurants – Bibo, Upper Modern and many more are all within a minute’s walk. But Americanos is empty when I walk in at 1.20pm …

Limewood Hong Kong

Limewood, Repulse Bay: Life’s a beach

  05/15    Hong Kong

Limewood review date April 17 60 Second Review When you look down over the crescent beach, forested hills and dramatic architecture, you forget that Repulse Bay isn’t exactly the most poetic name for a place. Origins are numerous, none of them based in indisputable fact, but for my money the most likely version I’ve read is …