Okra Bar, Hong Kong: An education

  01/17    Hong Kong

Okra Bar bought a beguiling and occasionally bewildering array of new ingredients from chef Max Levy in an omakase menu that puts a contemporary spin on sushi.


Gin Sai, Hong Kong: Fry me a river

  04/16    Hong Kong

Gin Sai in Wan Chai combines a number of Japanese specialities in one spot. Even if a tempura made me laugh, the frying is the standout technique on offer.


Zuma, Hong Kong: Cherry, Cheese & Chilli

  03/16    Hong Kong

Zuma Hong Kong is a stayer and still a player 8 years on, with consistently great produce and execution across a special menu for cherry blossom season


Jinjuu, Hong Kong: Spamaritas & KFC

  02/16    Hong Kong

From the cocktail menu, a spam-infused tequila – or ‘spamarita’ – leaves you in no doubt that Jinjuu is proudly Korean, fond of culinary mash-ups and happy not to take itself too seriously, thanks to affable chef Judy Joo at the helm. The new Lan Kwai Fong spot, the restaurant’s second incarnation after one in London’s Soho, occupies doubtless …


Shoku, Repulse Bay: Kinki BBQ


You’d be forgiven for thinking I’m paid a retainer to publicise Repulse Bay. I’m not, but  a vast amount of new restaurants have opened up at The Pulse in the past six months. Shoku is one I’d walked past but not tried until a recent commission for Tasting Kitchen magazine took me there to write about …