Spiga, Hong Kong: A dinner of two halves

  02/17    Hong Kong

Spiga replaces Lupa and Enrico Bartolini replaces Mario Batali. Some undoubted strong points but a couple of slightly strange dishes make for a dinner of two halves.

Mercato, Hong Kong: California dreamin’

  07/16    Hong Kong

Jean-Georges Vongerichten has been around in Hong Kong in one way or another since 1982 and his newest offering serves up casual Italian cuisine in the heart of Lan Kwai’s California Tower.

White Truffle dinner in aid of Mother’s Choice at Otto e Mezzo Bombana

  11/15    Hong Kong     Michelin Stars

The world works in mysterious ways. When I first moved to Hong Kong, ten years ago last month, I was invited to attend a white truffle dinner at Toscana at the former Ritz Carlton Hotel. Although I was working in PR at CNN, I volunteered to write up the experience, tough gig that it was: Fast …