Serge et Le Phoque, Hong Kong: Seal of approval

  09/16    Hong Kong     Michelin Star

Although I’m three years late to the party, Serge et Le Phoque still shows the perfect of marriage of France and Japan in a seriously accomplished dinner. So it’s a massive shame they’re closing next year.


Figaro: The Marriage of Flavours

  07/16    Hong Kong

Figaro is a compact stage for the seriously talented Jon Irwin to show that an Englishman can match the French at their own game


Upper Modern Bistro, Hong Kong: Pierre pops in

  05/16    Hong Kong

Imagine you work at Virgin and Richard Branson walks in. Or at the Apple store and the ghost of Steve Jobs makes an appearance. Luckily a very special guest doesn’t put the chef off his game at Upper Modern Bistro.


Belon, Hong Kong: Comme ci, comme ça

  04/16    Hong Kong

Belon is the newest opening from the always-busy Black Sheep Group, a ‘Neo-Parisian’ bistro on Elgin Street serving up mostly hits in chic surroundings.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 8.27.31 PM

Goût de France in Hong Kong

  03/16    Hong Kong

Goût de France celebrates French gastronomy with a simultaneous worldwide dinner on March 21st.


Picnic, Hong Kong: I’m still standing

  02/16    Hong Kong

‘So I’d like to know when, you got the noooo-tion’. You probably know the rest, involving rocking boats and the Hues Corporation in brilliant lemon jumpsuits: It’s playing as I enter Picnic in Kennedy Town, the first song in an eclectic playlist taking in Elton John, The Carpenters and more. The paint is barely dry (it opened …