Arcane, Hong Kong: Eat here now

  03/17    Hong Kong

Shane Osborn’s meat free Monday menu is six courses of the most inventive, beautifully-plated and delicious food I have had in a very long time in Hong Kong. With not an animal in sight.


Frantzéns Kitchen, Hong Kong: Genuine

  02/17    Hong Kong

Björn Frantzén and team are a very welcome addition to the Hong Kong restaurant scene. Genuinely new, genuinely different, genuinely delicious.


Flint, J W Marriott Hong Kong: Strike a light

  02/17    Hong Kong

After eleven years living in Hong Kong, coupled with the city´s penchant for hotel dining, it dawned on me that I´d never previously eaten at the J W Marriott in Pacific Place. That´s now changed and, with the Flint Grill and Bar doing its thing, it´s fair to say I´ll be heading back again. As with …

Spiga - Chocolate foam with hazelnut ice cream

Spiga, Hong Kong: A dinner of two halves

  02/17    Hong Kong

Spiga replaces Lupa and Enrico Bartolini replaces Mario Batali. Some undoubted strong points but a couple of slightly strange dishes make for a dinner of two halves.


Okra Bar, Hong Kong: An education

  01/17    Hong Kong

Okra Bar bought a beguiling and occasionally bewildering array of new ingredients from chef Max Levy in an omakase menu that puts a contemporary spin on sushi.

commissary HONG KONG

Commissary, Hong Kong: 24k Magic

  12/16    Hong Kong

Commissary mashes up the Deep South with Southern California and a bit of Mexico to good effect in Pacific Place