Stockholm fine dining scene for Le Pan Magazine

  06/15    Sweden

So here’s a piece I wrote for Le Pan magazine on the restaurant scene in Stockholm, following an Easter trip there. I didn’t have a bad dish over three days there, while one of the very best things I ate was a sensational takeaway herring sandwich at the legendary Nystekt Strömming. But anyway this is the finer …

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Street food around the world


It was great to see that last week’s piece on fish and chips in County Donegal struck a chord with readers and on social media – it ended up being shared more than 250 times on Facebook. As a result I thought I’d follow up with a new occasional feature, a look at top street food and local …

Bagatelle Oslo

Bagatelle, Oslo: An 1834 overture, the end of a Madeira

  02/15    Norway     Michelin Star

Overall score: 8.6/10 It really wasn’t supposed to be this way. I’d booked a table at the one Michelin-star Bagatelle in Oslo, a solo Saturday night diner in town from Hong Kong. It turned out to be the most extraordinary and bittersweet last supper. Maybe it wasn’t the smartest financial move to choose Oslo, a …


Now closed: Luomo, Helsinki: Nordic magic

  08/14    Finland

The popular new wave of Scandinavian cuisine may have hit the shores of Finland comparatively recently, but with restaurants like Luomo, Helsinki clearly deserves its place on the gastronome’s travel radar. The décor is minimalist but warm, in a cool, bright room overlooking the Finnish capital’s market square and harbour. As usual in Scandinavia, service …