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Street food around the world


It was great to see that last week’s piece on fish and chips in County Donegal struck a chord with readers and on social media – it ended up being shared more than 250 times on Facebook. As a result I thought I’d follow up with a new occasional feature, a look at top street food and local …


DOC, Douro Valley, Portugal: A corker

  08/14    Portugal

Review date: July 2014. That banh mi in Hanoi or those gyoza in Osaka always taste just that little bit better. They may be pretty average examples in their own right, but the moped fumes or neon lights reflected in puddles somehow add to the overall experience. Likewise at DOC, a restaurant boasting a corker …


Now closed: Foz Velha, Porto, Portugal: Turning green

  08/14    Portugal

We were genuinely excited at the prospect of visiting Foz Velha, one of the most talked-about and rated restaurants in Porto. However the complete lack of any acknowledgment or welcome on arrival, in either Portuguese or English, set the tone for the evening. We were led in silence to a window table in the main …