Galvin La Chapelle, London: Twins

  09/16    United Kingdom     Michelin Star

Galvin La Chapelle sings hymns of praise to classic French dishes albeit with clear English influences, courtesy of Michelin-starred brothers Jeff and Chris.

L’Ourcine, Paris: Vive La Différence


As one of the world’s greatest cities and my former home reels from attacks by cowards bent on taking the world back to medieval times, I thought there’s no better time to celebrate one of the things which has made Paris so rightly famous: its food. L’Ourcine is an understated and typically Parisian neighbourhood restaurant …

Athinaikon, Athens: Olden and golden

  11/15    Greece

In a first ever visit to Greece, Athens enchanted. Walking round the Plaka was already extraordinary even before catching glimpses of the illuminated Acropolis. And the food. Wow, the food. The first night,  tavernas screaming ‘moussaka and Greek salad’ were about as tempting as an Angela Merkel fashion line. Instead, after much walking, I stumbled upon …

‘Monomaniaques’: One ingredient Paris restaurants for

  10/15    France Torn between the soup or salad to start? Can’t decide whether to go for chicken, duck or fish to follow? If decision-making in restaurants has never been your strong point, then Paris could be your dream destination. “Monomania” is a venue’s devotion — some may say obsession — to one ingredient. The movement has …