Daniel Boulud Interview: From Lyon to the Lion City

  10/16    Singapore

Daniel Boulud may be one of the world’s most successful and renowned chefs, but the boy from Lyon is down-to-earth in the extreme – and a blissfully spin-free interviewee.

Long Chim, Singapore: Come and Taste

  11/15    Singapore

Long Chim is a name that is about to get much more familiar. It’s the new street food restaurant of Thai food maestro David Thompson, the Australian who has done more than almost anyone to elevate and refine the breathtaking flavours of Thailand into serious global cuisine at Naam in Bangkok’s Metropolitan Hotel. Long Chim …

Isle Cafe, Singapore: A tale of two menus


A two night hop in hazy Singapore means grabbing a late quick lunch on arrival. Scanning the (admittedly very nice) hotel’s room service menu and 6 satay sticks are $24 Singapore dollars – or HK$160. For a starter. Neither my conscience nor wallet can allow it, so I vow to find somewhere within 5 minutes walk. …

Waterfall Singapore

Waterfall Ristorante Italiano, Shangri-La Singapore: One happy nonna

  04/15    Singapore

Waterfall Ristorante Italiano review date: Friday March 6 All prices in Singapore Dollars Ahhhh Naples. Chaotic, beautiful, bruised and bruising, home to some of the best things to mangiare in all of Italy. When you meet a chef from Naples you pretty much know that brilliant food is in their DNA, that their veins run …

Waku Ghin

Waku Ghin, Singapore: I should be so lucky

  03/15    Singapore

Waku Ghin Review date: March 7, 2015 Overall score: 8.5/10 When I interviewed the legendary Wakuda Tetsuya last month, his eyes lit up most brightly when he talked about his beloved Tasmanian shrimping boat. The beautiful island off Australia’s south west coast also plays a starring role in the produce in his Singapore restaurant Waku Ghin, alongside Hokkaido, …

tetsuya wakuda

3 minutes, chef: Tetsuya Wakuda, Tetsuya’s & Wakhu Ghin

  02/15    Singapore

Humility is a simple characteristic to define: “Modesty, lack of vanity” – but a very difficult one to genuinely embody. Someone who does, on every level, is Tetsuya Wakuda. Wakuda has earned critical and popular acclaim for creating stellar Japanese dishes that frequently incorporate French techniques and ingredients – a marriage of two cuisines celebrated globally for …

Kilo, Singapore: Punching above its weight

  07/14    Singapore

Here’s a quick look at Kilo, a lovely spot but a bit of a bugger to get to for out-of-towners who, as always seems to be the case in Singapore,  couldn’t find a taxi. We ended up walking for about 15 minutes from the MRT but, once off the main road towards the Kallang River, …

Sin Huat Eating House, Singapore: Prawn Stars

  07/14    Singapore

Welcome to Sin Huat Eating House, the single most old-school of set-ups from owners who have made absolutely no nod to restaurant fads or customer expectations. Why should they? That’s part of the beauty. A small kid was running around swatting flies with an electrified mini blue tennis racket. The stools haven’t been changed since …