Shinji by Kanaseka, Macau: Sushi nirvana

  10/15    Macau     Michelin Star

I’ll cut to the chase. This was by far the best sushi I’ve ever had outside of Tokyo. The absolute highest quality ingredients, faultless in presentation and execution, underpinned by the most charming service from chef Toro Osumi.  Bear in mind that the original Shinji by Kanaseka in Kyoto has two Michelin stars, while the …

Jade Dragon, Macau: The house of dancing flavours

  09/15    Macau     Michelin Stars

Jade Dragon review date September 2, 2015 Macau’s City of Dreams has morphed into something of a go-to destination,  partly thanks to the House of Dancing Water, Franco Dragone’s extraordinary performance spectacle mixing aquatic high-wire gymnastics…with motorbikes. If you haven’t yet, you really should. Another show Taboo is, as the name would suggest, apparently quite …

Fernando's Macau

Fernando’s, Macau: Rugby Sevens clickbait

  03/15    Macau

Fernando’s Review date: March 5, 2015 60 second review, so no score You only have to say ‘red and white checked tablecloths’ and most Hong Kong residents know where you’re talking about. If in doubt, ‘chorizo’ or ‘sangria’ will clinch it. Being called an institution isn’t always a compliment, but there’s no other way to …

Robuchon au Dome

Robuchon au Dome, Macau: All-in for the win

  11/14    Macau     Michelin Stars

Review date: October 15 Total score 8.8/10   Macau is undeniably a surreal destination, but the smoky gaming rooms and mountains of jade in reception of the Grand Lisboa Hotel quickly seem a distant memory as the first of two elevators whisks you up to the eponymous Dome on the 43rd floor. To get to …