Babbo: Mario’s shaking kitchen walls

  07/14    US

Judging by the unremarkable exterior on Waverley Place, Babbo looks like any sleepy neighborhood trattoria, but stepping inside plants you indisputably in one of the buzziest and busiest restaurants in town. The throng at the bar was four deep but we eventually negotiated our way through to take our table across a first floor dining …


Public: NZ in NY

  07/14    US     Michelin Star

A quick look at Public which served up one of the best solo dinners I’ve enjoyed in a long time. An apéritif in the adjacent bar went down smoothly while I read up and realised that exec chef Brad Farmerie was one of the main hands behind Providores, a groundbreaking tapas joint in London’s Marylebone …


Per Se, New York: Faultless on Fifty Seventh

  07/14    US     Michelin Stars

Per Se: Review date June 21st It’s an unusual way to start a review, but what’s left to say? This is indisputably one of the great restaurants, anywhere. If you’re lucky enough to secure a table, then go, forget the credit card limit and revel shamelessly in an experience that has very, very few peers.  …


Minetta Tavern: Rocky Marciano and the Brazilians

  07/14    US     Michelin Star

It”s nice to know that you can rock up to somewhere like the venerable and historic Minetta Tavern and immediately get a table. Maybe my jetlag helped that I was eating at 6p. The place comes as an unexpected refuge from the McDougal vibe, speakeasy-ish as you enter a room with indisputable charm and class. …