Havana eats: South China Morning Post

  02/17    Cuba

Avoid those on the Hemingway trail to overpriced cocktails and hit up one of these authentic restaurants and paladares in Cuba´s sensational capital:


Shaya, New Orleans: The best of the best

  07/16    USA

Shaya in New Orleans has been showered with critical acclaim, not least the James Beard U.S. Restaurant of the Year – a massive deal. A lunchtime visit shows how simplicity is the key for a flawless expression of cuisine from The Levant.

Street food around the world


It was great to see that last week’s piece on fish and chips in County Donegal struck a chord with readers and on social media – it ended up being shared more than 250 times on Facebook. As a result I thought I’d follow up with a new occasional feature, a look at top street food and local …

The Ravenous Pig, Orlando: Fry me a river

  08/14    US

Review date May 2014: I can’t help but love a restaurant with the word ‘Pig’ in its name. The Spotted Pig in New York (reviewed here), The Ginger Pig café in London, Au Pied de Cochon in Paris and The Ravenous Pig in Orlando all proudly fly the pork flag. Somehow you just know that …

Chez Panisse, Berkeley, California: Alice, in Wonderland

  08/14    US

The influence and impact of Alice Waters on the American restaurant and culinary landscape is extraordinary. Today aged 70, back in 1971 Waters was the embodiment of avant-garde as the first and most prominent voice to espouse the need to eat both sustainably and seasonally. Fast forward forty years and you’d be hard pressed to …

Babbo: Mario’s shaking kitchen walls

  07/14    US

Judging by the unremarkable exterior on Waverley Place, Babbo looks like any sleepy neighborhood trattoria, but stepping inside plants you indisputably in one of the buzziest and busiest restaurants in town. The throng at the bar was four deep but we eventually negotiated our way through to take our table across a first floor dining …

Public: NZ in NY

  07/14    US     Michelin Star

A quick look at Public which served up one of the best solo dinners I’ve enjoyed in a long time. An apéritif in the adjacent bar went down smoothly while I read up and realised that exec chef Brad Farmerie was one of the main hands behind Providores, a groundbreaking tapas joint in London’s Marylebone …

Zazu, Quito, Ecuador: High class at high altitude

  07/14    Ecuador

Zazu delivered the perfect first night’s dinner for two weary and altitude-adjusting travelers fresh off the plane(s) from Hong Kong, LA and Miami. After you pass an envy-inducing wine cellar, the bright, sleek main dining room has a buzzy, laid-back international feel to it, with Brazilians, Ecuadorians and Brits happily gassing, gossiping and gorging at …